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How I made $100 in 25 months with Google Adsense: Lessons and Quick Tips

14 June 2007 9 Comments

If you are like me, who joined with Google Adsense 2 years back and still trying to make the first $100, then you must read my story. I just made the $100 mark. You would think how stupid I am when you consider the fact that I joined with Adsense – long, long ago in April 2005.

Phew… I made $100 in 25 months (2 years!). Now, I reflect upon the horrible mistakes I made here. I hope it will help you to become a better Adsense publisher. Read on..

my familiar report in Adsense (pic)

1) Not posting frequent enough
I started a personal blog in December 2004 – I posted nothing but personal rants. Only my friends would read them, but I was posting once in a blue moon. You will not make any money online if you are posting once in a month and nothing for a wider audience (how many people want to know what I did yesterday, huh?). A blog post should contain at least 300 words of text. And you must post 2 such 300 word posts a day, on a regular basis every day (no kidding!). Develop lot of quality content so the search engines will index you and so visitors will come regularly.

2) Not knowing who my readers are
Have you ever thought about the people who are online all the time? who are they? what do they like? what do they want?.

In my opinion, the web designers are the majority of those online community who are online at least 70% of their day, so, if you address their needs – you can reach a wider audience. Also, the other major junk of web community are people those who want to make money on the internet (like you and me).

Regardless of the topic you choose to address, – believe it or not – if you start a genuine blog that either informs or entertains or do both, post continuously enough, you will make money out of it .

3) Not knowing what to blog (niche area)
What is unique and special about your blog? Do you have a one-line mission statement? for e.g. my blog should be known as the best place to know anything about photography. Choose your niche area and address them with blog posts – also try to select a blog niche that you are comfortable with too, otherwise you will NOT sustain the initial tough phase.

4) I didn’t follow readers
I didn’t track my blog. I didn’t know what reader liked or disliked. I didn’t use a web statistics programs like Google Analytics to track the preferences of visitors. If you like to read my tips, read 23 Essential Google Analytics Tips

Look, what your readers were reading from your blog – if you can make a top 10 list of popular posts, then you know what to write for future.

5) I didn’t stop and review
Not having a plan of action is another mistake I made. You need to try different ways of monetization, Contextual advertising is just one way, writing reviews, affiliate marketing, selling ad space at your blog and plenty more ways you can monetize your blog. Keep exploring and experimenting. Find what works best for you and your blog. If you have a book review or product review blog, then you must be an Amazon associate publisher.

6) I didn’t know much about the working of Adsense
Do you know which ad formats and placements work in the best manner? I recently find out the Medium Rectangle (330 by 250) embedded in the main content (blog post) earns good number of clicks rather in the sidebar, skyscraper ads. Also, link ads just below your header image work better. Image ads just below the post- try it for very good returns.

Do you know about blacklisting low-paying ads using service such as Adsblacklist – try them sensibly.

7) If you depend only on Adsense, you are doomed.
Even though I did make $100 from Google Adsense in the last 2 years, I have made more than $600 USD from payperpost, blogitive and blogsvertise writings. I am planning to write some successful strategies for making money with each of them in the upcoming posts here. So, employ Adsense to work in your blog, do consider pay-per-review programs for making some extra money for survival.

8) Not making use of social network sites
Sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Netscape, Blogg-buzz, Digg and user forums – they are the biggest sources of your traffic. One post making it to a popular page will help you to discover new readers. If you have a quality blog, with lot of periodically updated content, readers will become loyal to your blog.

What I expect from you (comment on).
What is your experience with Adsense? How long did you take to make the first $100. And what tips you have got for the starters? (Also, please mention the URL of your blog / site – so that I can payback a visit to your blog and bookmark it for future references).

What I can offer you.
If you write to me (specific to your problem), I can offer more suggestions and tips for you to earn more from Adsense and other pay-per-review blogs. I do not expect any money for doing this – I want to help you honestly.

So, this is my take-home message – say these words with me – aloud and clear..
Content, First, Reader, Second, You-making-money – Third and Final (you don’t need to do anything about the third part other than installing ads on your blog).

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