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7 reasons why I bought the new “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

23 July 2007 No Comment

I have not read the other six Harry Potter books, but I bought the 7th book. I am inclined towards reading non-fiction. Occasionally, if anyone recommends with a stick, I will read fiction such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘Life of Pi’. But, I went and bought the ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ only after a thought.

I chose to buy “Harry Potter” because,

1) It is a legendary marketing success story
Have you heard of the Bloomsbury – the publishing company – before? Who would have ever thought in this Internet age, a series of books could rewrite and revive the publishing industry? All credits to the writer, J K Rowling, who single-handedly achieved this feat and took the world by a storm. This is also an example of a remarkable marketing success story which proved its stronghold against all odds of piracy. How many times a book hits the bestseller list shortly after the title was announced? Harry Potter introduced the technique of ‘pre-ordering’ of books to combat book piracy.

2) I love mystery, magic and fantasy
I am a Scorpio – a dreamer – who keeps his head in the sky and dreams all possibilities. Fantasy stories, magical journeys and solving mystery are my likes. I have enjoyed tales and stories from Indian mythology and other mythological literature. I always like to listen to a good story, from my childhood, I was naturally attracted to the ‘Harry Potter’ story when I saw it first on the big screen.

3) Just I can show off to other kids and make friends
I have moved to a new town to work for a new company. At the workplace or in the neighbourhood, I can walk with the Harry Potter book and easily strike up a conversation and make new friends (a great networking tool, you know?).

4) I plan to read and watch at least one Harry Potter movie
I like to watch movies. If a book is being made as movie, then I would wait for the movie rather than reading the original book. Many readers of a book complain (why?) that the movie is only half good as the book. So far, I have watched all the five Harry Potter movies, the most favourite of mine is “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. I would like to read at least one book and then watch the movie, this seventh stands a good chance (I have to wait and watch the sixth movie though).

5) I love collecting memorabilia
Whether it is a special edition booklet published by a local newspaper or an elaborate memorabilia from a National Museum, I love memorabilia. I like to collect such precious things and in my opinion it reminds the success of an ordinary boy wizard who pursues a dream and succeeds in executing it to real against all hardships and obstacles. What more you need, huh?

6) I love books
Naturally, I am an avid reader who would read anything from A to Z. I have already collected and kept few hundreds of books at my home. This is a valuable addition to my book collection.

7) Now, I am part of the Harry phenomenon
Whenever, a big thing comes the world is divided into three groups. The first group jumps in and becomes part of it (Wow, let me try Harry Potter!). The second group are rebels who think the crowd as mad and crazy and stay away from it (Potter, you losers stink). And the third group is unaware of such big thing (Harry Potter? What is it?). You would have put me in the first group, which is right in a sense. But, I started in the third group before the first movie got released, moved to second group after it and then joined with the first group, completely embracing the ‘Harry Potter’ phenomenon.

What do yo think on ‘Harry Potter madness’?

Which side you are on?

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