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7 Creative ideas for shooting Youtube videos (14 samples)

4 September 2007 10 Comments

Videos are sweet only when they are short and crisp. I would NOT sit in front of my PC to watch your 1 hour video that drags on and on endlessly without any point. How do you shoot such short, yet captivating videos? Here are some cool ideas to unleash your creative power. I have given some sample video links (from youtube, all work-safe) for each idea to inspire you. The world is getting ready to watch your videos, Savvy?

Before we begin some basic video tutorial links. Tips on using Windows Movie Maker for editing movies.

Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorial

How To Make Videos Using MSPaint and Windows Movie Maker

YouTube Video Tutorial #2 – Windows Movie Maker tips

1. Time lapse video
Time lapse videos are easy to make – you keep your camera mounted on a place (a street corner or at your office) and start recording. After certain duration, stop recording and bring to the editing room. In your favourite video editing software, fast-forward the video to at least 100 times fast. Then add a background score, thats it.

How do I make a time lapse video – A good tutorial for starters.

Sample videos:
All 4 seasons of an year at one place – This video is amazing – seasons change right before your eyes within seconds.

Time lapse street race with Toy cars – You can even shoot a video in your bedroom.

2. Interviewing someone
Prepare 10 questions to interview someone (if the person is a girl, you will get lot of views), and do a timed 1-minute interview. You can make the questions such that the respondent can answer with just a “Yes” or “No”. Or ask a question to many people, say, ‘Who would you like to see as the next president of USA?’ – ask people answer this question with videos (video replies).

Sample videos:
Interview with PARIS HILTON (That’s how my friend calls herself)

A student interviews his teacher

3. Provide your own tips
Start recording your camera and go in front and give some tips to the world. Yes, you can provide funny tips on a specific area of your expertise. Choose a wild topic such as, “10 ways to save yourself when a hungry Rhinoceros chases you”, “Things to do when you are stuck in 10,000 BC”, “10 things that you want to know about Australia” or “Tips for organizing a bachelor party”. Be creative and think of some wild topic, it should inspire your viewers to post replies and comments.

Sample videos:
Teen Tips: How To Buy Alcohol – If you are under 18, how do you buy alcohol. Here’s how.

Trick Tips: How to Look Like a Good Skater – when you are, actually, NOT.

4. Playing with texts
Use MS powerpoint slides to make compelling statements. Print them and show them in front of the camera and remove one page at a time (give enough time to readers to read the print), end with a final punch line. Add background music to the video and upload it.

Sample videos:
I’m a PayPerPost Blogger – Simple printed slides make a movie

Playing with texts – A cute, 30 sec animation done by a student

5. Screen capture your Desktop activities
Install good screen capture software, first. Start the screen capture software to record any screen activities you do on your PC. Paint a drawing or doodle in Photoshop. Or just simply browse as you normally do. Or just type something – a letter, or a blog post. Stop the screen capture recording, edit the movie (use fast-forward technique) and add some peppy music as the background score. That’s it you have made a very cool movie for Youtube.

Sample videos:
A month in the life of geek desktop – Just snapshots of desktop for a month, then a creative movie.

Latest Desktop Wars – If you have not heard this animation series, it is worth a watch.

6. Make an Advert
Shoot an advert or a television commercial for McDonalds, KFC or for the poor Microsoft. Write your own script, draw a storyboard – use existing videos and your own voice and music. When you are making and advert on a well-known global brand, you are bound to get lot of viewers (and criticisms). Who knows, the MNCs would make a way to your door to sign you up (ok, I was kidding!).

Sample videos:
McDonalds ad – Done by students as a school project

Coca Cola Commercial – Watch this 30 second animation

7. Dub for someone
Get some videos where political leaders make a speech or famous celebrity giving an interview to someone. Now, strip off the celebrity speaker’s voice (use volume mute in your video editing software) and add your own voice and a funny one-line. Mix different questions and use some funny one-liners from stripped from old James Bond movies.

Sample videos:
LOL Bush & Condi Comedy Spoof - Who is the president of China? Very funny.

Bill Gates is retiring – From a TV show, but it can inspire you.

What are you waiting for? Go out there, shoot some movies and upload them in YouTube.

Got any idea? Share it with us!

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