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How to Live online” is a blog-style website that provides tips and hacks to supercharge your life. It helps you to bring wisdom, wealth and happiness into your life. The content caters to bloggers, online and off line users who would like to increase their productivity or make money on the web.

The tips, tricks and ideas you’ll find here in this blog are from my own experience and you may find some insane tips (or you may call ‘dirty, cool hacks’) to get things done quicker.

How do I find a thing?

Now, this blog has over 500 blog posts and you can find a complete list of contents here.

You can also browse through tags (Left Column) or look at the Monthly Archives on the Right Column.

An easier way would be to do a Google Search on this blog. Just type something and hit “Enter” key.

Can I advertise on your site?

Yes. Website Grader rates this blog at 97 out of 100 based on the traffic and Alexa, Technorati and Google page ranks.

This blog “How to Live online” has on an average 7,000 unique visitors and 35,000 page views a month. The technorati rank is within top 80K. Alexa ranks this site in the Top 3% of websites, the major visitors come from USA, Australia, Europe and India. This blog is also features in Australia’s Top 50 blogs and Top 100 blogs list. The subscribers count for this blog hovers around 410-430. (So, my feedburner image shows 411 which was a recent high!)

You can also contact me if you want to advertise in this blog.

How do I know when you publish?

If this is your first visit, make yourself home and you would like to keep in touch with me using the Contact form, subscribe to this blog with a RSS reader or by providing your email.

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Thiru, Who?

I am a perfect example of “jack of all; master of none”, I have interests in almost everything in the universe and try at least anything once. If I take up a job, I would strive hard do better than most others. If I am not doing any good, then I quit. I write for this blog. I have not written anywhere else only other exception is my personal ramblings blog, “Keep Walking“.

Besides maintaining this blog, I work as a mapping specialist (geographic information systems, satellite images stuff) in one of the leading company in Australia. My interests include social web, search engines, social filtering and geo-spatial web.

If I am not online, I would read books (80% non-fiction, 20% fantasy), watch movies (50% mainstream, 30% critically acclaimed, 10% horror, 10% comedy), shoot pretty pictures (my photos) or go cycling, meet people on the streets and listen to their stories. I am easy-go-lucky guy, takes life as it comes, but I have a hazy picture of future (it all looks bright and fine).

You’re welcome to drop me a line anytime. You can connect to me in a number of ways (look below).